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Popular Slot Machine-Based Roguelike ‘Luck be a Landlord’ Coming to Mobile July 21st, Pre-Orders Available Now

With yesterday being a major holiday in the US, and Mondays being notoriously manic, you’ll have to forgive me that I’m still catching up on some news nuggets from over the weekend. However, this is one I didn’t want to miss. On Saturday developer TrampolineTales published a blog post going over some details about the forthcoming mobile adaptation of their popular slot machine-based roguelike Luck be a Landlord. The idea here is that your landlord, who is a big jerk, keeps charging you increasing amounts of rent and the only way you can pay them is by winning cash from a slot machine. This is no ordinary slot machine, however. It’s a, uh, roguelike slot machine, I guess. You’ll be able to choose from a WIDE variety of symbols that you can add to the slot machine in between pulls, and those symbols can bestow on you various cool abilities and powers that will help you pay your landlord and ultimately defeat capitalism! Hooray! Here’s the trailer from the game’s PC launch.

Luck be a Landlord spent a couple of years in PC early access before the full version 1.0 launch this past January, and during that time it built up quite a dedicated fanbase due to its unique blend of gameplay elements. It’s also one of those quick hit, “one more go" type of games and that makes it just about perfect for a mobile release. That blog post I mentioned previously has 7 amazing facts (well, 6 facts) about the mobile version. The biggest nuggets are that the mobile version will be five bucks, it will release on July 21st, and it can be pre-ordered on the iOS App Store or pre-registered for on the Android Google Play Store right this very second, and you should do that because it helps out the developer a whole bunch with various app store algorithms and such. I feel like this is set to become my next obsession so I’m unreasonably excited for Luck be a Landlord to drop on mobile later this month.