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Devolver Digital Teases McPixel 3 Mobile News Coming This Week

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The original McPixel ($2.99) is a legendary gaming experience. I still remember discovering it on the App Store years ago and just being amazed at what I played. It isn’t for everyone though, but for those that enjoy it, there isn’t anything that comes close. Fast forward to last year, Devolver Digital announced McPixel 3 with Sos Sosowski. This debuted on PC and console, but I always knew it would eventually hit mobile. I loved my time with it on both Switch and PC, and was looking forward to playing it on iPad again. Devolver Digital has teased McPixel 3 mobile news coming later this week. This tease can either mean we get a release date or that the game is releasing this week. I’m hoping it is the latter, but I’m glad iOS and Android fans of the original or even newcomers will be able to play McPixel 3 soon either way. If you’re wondering where McPixel 2 is, watch the video below:

The original game is one of the funniest games on iOS even today, and it is worth checking out if you haven’t already.You can play McPixel or its free version on the App Store for iOS here and here. If you’re curious about how McPixel 3 is, read Shaun’s review of the Switch version here. We’ve been covering the original for over a decade now as you can see here and it is great to see McPixel 3 finally sort of coming home, though I always want Sos Sosowski’s games get ported to everything in the world because no one should not have access to them. Have you played McPixel 3 or McPixel on any platform yet and will you be grabbing it on mobile when it launches?

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