‘Retro Bowl+’ and ‘Retro Goal+’ Are This Week’s New Apple Arcade Releases Out Now Alongside Some Notable Updates

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This week, two App Store Greats join Apple Arcade. New Star Games’ Retro Bowl+ () and Retro Goal+ () are both available on Apple Arcade with all features unlocked from the start. This includes the 12 man roster, full team editing, unlimited feature set, and more for Retro Bowl+ while Retro Goal+ has different difficulty options, weather effects, international Soccer tournament challenge, and more. Both of these games have joined the service today alongside some notable updates. While a lot of the updates are from games regularly getting new content, it is good to see a few names we don’t see often in weekly Apple Arcade update features. Crayola Create and Play+ is ready for the 4th of July with fireworks coloring pages, a new challenge each day of the newly added Camp, and more.

Disney SpellStruck has added in a Dictionary feature to check out any definitions on the game board with today’s 1.2.0 update. Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Patty Pursuit has been updated to let you play as Mr Krabs for the first time in a new Tale of the Deep. What The Car? has added in a new Amy Sedaris collaboration. This update brings in the Amy Sedaris Dream Level featuring rabbits, flowers, cheese balls, and more. Team17’s Summon Quest brings in the Graveyard region, Nefara summon, and various improvements and enhancements to combat and the UI. With the updates done, check out our forum threads for Crayola Create and Play+ here, Disney SpellStruck here, SpongeBob Patty Pursuit here, What The Car? here and Summon Quest here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of the Apple Arcade updates and releases of the month so far?

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