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‘Colossal Cave’ from ‘King’s Quest’ Creators Roberta and Ken Williams is Heading to Mobile this Summer

It doesn’t get much more legendary than the names Ken and Roberta Williams when talking about the point-and-click adventure game genre. The couple founded Sierra Entertainment (fka Sierra On-Line) back in the late ’70s when computer gaming was just starting to hit its first big stride, and they would go on to have a hand in producing some of the most beloved adventure game series of all time such as King’s Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight, and many more. After taking a couple of decades off, and while stuck at home during the pandemic, the couple began dabbling in a remake of 1976’s Colossal Cave Adventure which is considered by many to be the first ever adventure video game. It’s a text-based adventure game because, well, it was 1976 and all that, and the idea with the remake was that it was supposed to represent how Roberta felt playing the game all those years ago by bringing its text-based stories and environments to life in 3D and with full voice narration. The remake, titled simply Colossal Cave, launched at the beginning of the year on PC, consoles, and even VR. Here’s its trailer.

Since launch, Ken and Roberta’s studio Cygnus Entertainment has been working on and releasing updates for Colossal Cave, as well as sending out occasional newsletters letting fans know what else they’re up to. Today one such newsletter went out talking about the continued work to get Xbox and PlayStation 4 versions out the door, as well as continuing update work on the currently released versions, including another “huge" update currently in the works. But that’s not the really exciting part for our own interests, as Ken Williams ends the newsletter with this little nugget of goodness: “Lastly, I can share that I’ve been playing our game ON MY iPHONE! I thought it would be impossible, but impossible is what we do best. Watch Apple’s app store. You should see our iPhone/iPad version pop up sometime in the next couple months." Huge news! It makes sense being that adventure games in particular play so well on a touchscreen, so I’m happy to see this coming to the iOS platform. Stay tuned for more on Colossal Cave on iOS over the next couple of months.