‘The Day We Fought Space’ Version 2.0 Update is Now Available Featuring a New Planet, New Weapons, New Game Modes, and More

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As we announced last week, a big version 2.0 update has been in the works for the unique physics-based shooter The Day We Fought Space, and for those looking forward to that event today is the big day. The Day We Fought Space version 2.0 is available now in the iOS App Store.

What does version 2.0 mean? Typically rolling a game’s version over to the next number is saved for especially big or momentous additions to a game, and that is certainly the case with version 2.0 of The Day We Fought Space. The marquee feature here is a new level called Comet that has zero gravity, throwing a huge twist into the game’s already unique physics-based “wreck ’em up" gameplay. One of the core elements to the gameplay in The Day We Fought Space is destroying enemies higher in the playfield and then utilizing gravity so that their wreckage drops onto the enemies below, smashing them up real good. Since Comet has no gravity you’ll have to alter your play style to compensate for that.

Comet should provide more than 6 hours of new gameplay to enjoy, and alongside that will be more than 20 new weapons to equip onto your ship, adding even more options to the already staggering number of crazy weaponry in the game. Radioactive space bees, a black hole, a yo-yo saw… the new weapons are truly off the wall in a wonderful way, and one of the things that has always stood out to me about The Day We Fought Space since its launch just shy of a year ago is just how unique the weapons are in the game. This goes hand in hand with your ability to create and customize your own ship layouts, unlocking dozens and dozens of different items to equip on custom ships that give you a nearly unlimited number of ways to play.

Version 2.0 will also feature new story elements that expand on the characters and lore in the game, giving insight into why you’re in a battle with all of space. Rounding things out are new precision targeting challenges and a new Zen Mode for when you just want to kick back, zone out, and cause heaps of destruction with your fleet of wild spaceships. There has been no shortage of shooters released going back many decades now, so it’s a genre that’s hard to stand out in. I can say without hesitation that there’s nothing quite like The Day We Fought Space out there, so if you have yet to try this one out let the new version 2.0 update be your reason to finally dive in.


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