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Tactical Card Battling RPG ‘Black Book’ Coming to iOS Next Month With Pre-Orders Now Live

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Developer Merteshka and publisher HypeTrain Digital just revealed an iOS version of the card battling tactical RPG Black Book (Free). Black Book is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 right now. It will be coming to iOS on April 21st with pre-orders now live. I’ve owned Black Book on Steam for a while now, but haven’t played much of it yet. The RPG adventure based on Slavic myths will be available to play for free on iOS with a one time in app purchase to unlock the rest of the game. The free version will include the prologue and the endless mode. Watch the Black Book trailer below:

Check out Black Book on Steam here and Nintendo Switch here. It is priced at $24.99 on console. On iOS, you can pre-order it for free right now here on the App Store. The in app purchase is priced at $9.99 to unlock the full game. The App Store page has some screenshots showing the iOS version. Check out our new forum thread for the game here. Have you played Black Book before and will you be trying it out on iOS next month?

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