Open World Action RPG ‘Dysmantle’ From 10tons Is Discounted for the First Time on iOS

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Dysmantle from 10tons is one of our favorite games of 2022. We also featured it as our our Game of the Week when it hit iOS. Your aim in Dysmantle is to escape the island by breaking everything for materials, fight creatures, survive, build outputs, and more. It also has puzzles above and below the ground in the Tombs of the Old Ones, fishing, and cooking. Today, it has gotten its first discount since launching on iOS. Dysmantle is down to 50% off for a limited time making it an even better deal. Watch the Dysmantle announcement trailer below to get an idea of how it looks in action:

Dysmantle is priced at $19.99 on console and PC usually. The iOS version is usually priced at $9.99 (or regional equivalent). It is down to $4.99 for a limited time. If you’d like to play Dysmantle on iOS, you can grab it here on the App Store. Check out the official website for Dysmantle here. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for more discussion around it here. If you’ve already gotten the game, make sure to check out the Underworld DLC. Have you played Dysmantle yet on mobile or any other platform yet or will you be grabbing it with this discount on iOS?


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