Buying Stuff We Don’t Need – The TouchArcade Show #550

Welp… we’re not so good at this “record every week" thing, I guess. The last couple of weeks have had interference of some form or another, so apologies for our absences and the many absences in general during the last several months. I sincerely do hope to see things get more on track! That somewhat starts this week, where I was recording from an actual desk while sitting in an actual chair with all my normal podcasting equipment all set up. It’s a huge improvement over balancing my laptop and mic on two overturned cardboard boxes while sitting on the edge of a fold-out couch.

Oh, right! This week’s show. We talk about the latest in the Hogwart’s Legacy drama, and then dive into a couple of reader emails that as expected launch us into several additional topics. We love your emails so please keep sending them! We then talk about the oxymoronically named Miyoo Mini Plus which is a larger Miyoo Mini with Wifi, and despite swearing to myself I was done buying these little handheld game machines, I totally caved on this one. It’s ok though because I also convinced Eli to cave on one live during the show. We then speculate on what the Playdate showcase next Tuesday might entail, and then talk about the Apple Watch Ultra to close the show, since Eli just picked one up. Phew, it’s a packed episode!

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