How to Level Up Your Wings with MU Archangel’s New Wing Soul system

Webzen is introducing a new way to reach a higher level of strength to its MMORPG MU Archangel. Now, in addition to making your character look both interesting and intimidating, your Wings will now have their very own Soul that you can upgrade to become even more powerful.

What’s in store

When you reach Master Level 350 you will unlock two new features; the Wing Soul and the Wing Awakening. These features will make themselves at home in the Warrior’s Aegis under the Wings menu and will be available for any tier and grade so you will have a lot of options when you start to level up the Soul.

The initial phase you will encounter will likely be upgrading the Wing Soul, which will result in exclusive Wing Soul options. To upgrade this, you will need to use Flame items such as the Faint White Flame. After this, you can start looking into Wing Soul Infusions, provided you’ve got yourself a few of the Breath of Phoenix materials.

There is more than one way to level up

Each tier of Wing Soul can be infused up to a 10 Star Rating, with you gaining access to the powerful Eternity options when you get high enough. The issue of course is the success rate for infusion will be lower as you advance through the ranks, with a failure in fact lowering your rank. The good news is that Star Ratings 4 and 8 act as checkpoints of sorts, so you can’t regress below these once you pass them. It is highly advised to start using the Soul Amulet at higher Rating attempts though to negate the regression should you fail, for both convenience and so you don’t need to grab even more Breath of Phoenix.

One of the main things to bear in mind about Wing Soul Upgrade and Infusions is that the vast majority of items you need to level up can be obtained through Daily Packages, including the Soul Amulets, so it would be in your best interest to make sure you start hoarding this ASAP so you have a nice stockpile to draw from.

All that is only half of the fun though, as you can also Awaken the Wing for more power, and to get some very useful Awakening Property Skills. The max tier you can reach is 3, with Phoenix’s Soul being needed to advance, and the material’s grade differs for each tier so you will need to do some farming.

Some Tricks of the Trade

If you are primarily a PvE player, Awakening shouldn’t be your priority over Infusion. This is because the Awakening Property skills are specialized for PvP battles, so are a little less useful elsewhere. If you want to start going toe-to-toe with other players, Awakening will be all be required though as you can imagine most players will be grinding this out for the advantage.

Another very important point to think about when you start Awakening is what character class you want to PvP as. At the beginning of the process, you will be asked to choose a class that will determine the Property skill, and this is an irreversible choice. So make sure you are 100% happy with your class before you throw away all that time and materials in upgrading the Wing.

MU Archangel is currently available in South East Asia where it can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


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