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Highwater and Dust & Neon From Rogue Games Are Coming to Netflix Games on Mobile

Netflix and Rogue Games just announced that two of the latter’s upcoming games are arriving on mobile through Netflix Games. Dust & Neon is announced for PC and consoles, with pre-orders available on the eShop ahead of its launch. The twin stick roguelite shooter is coming to Netflix on February 16th. The second game is Highwater. This atmospheric adventure strategy experience was originally showcased at Summer Game Fest, and it joins Dust & Neon as one of Rogue Games releases coming soon to PC, mobile through Netflix Games, and console platforms. Watch the announcement trailer for Highwater below:

Watch the Dust & Neon announcement trailer below:

As of now, only Dust & Neon has a confirmed Netflix Games release date of February 16th. Hopefully we get to know when Highwater is launching in the near future. As with prior Netflix Games releases, there are no in app purchases or ads, and you can play these games for free on iOS and Android as long as you have an active Netflix subscription. Rogue Games also says that both of these have touchscreen controls that have been carefully designed for mobile. While I’m definitely excited to try out Highwater, Dust & Neon looks right up my alley. I know Jared loves these kinds of games as well. Hopefully Rogue Games also brings The Last Case of Benedict Fox to mobile in the future. What do you think of these two games and the current state of Netflix Games?