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Side-Scrolling Character Action Game ‘The Legend of Tianding’ is Heading to iOS in March, Available for Pre-Order Now

Released on PC a bit over a year ago, The Legend of Tianding is a side-scrolling action game based on the real-life “Taiwanese Robin Hood" Liao Tianding, and it is heading to iOS devices in the very near future. During the late 1800s when Taiwan was under Japanese occupation, Liao Tianding was known for fighting back against oppressive rulers and robbing from the rich to help the poor. He has become a legendary folk hero in Taiwanese culture and has been the subject of numerous films, TV shows, stories, and in 2004 a popular Flash game. It’s that original Flash game that, in conjunction with its original creator, served as the basis for 2021’s The Legend of Tianding which has gone on to become a major fan-favorite and even earn itself several awards since its release. Here’s the trailer.

As is common with me and PC games, The Legend of Tianding didn’t immediately ring a bell, but upon checking its Steam page I noticed I already had it on my Wishlist, so I must have come across it at some point in time and thought it seemed cool enough to keep tabs on. That makes me extra excited that it’s coming to iOS since the chances of me actually getting around to trying it are 100% on iOS compared to the hundreds and hundreds of games I have on my Steam Wishlist that I may never find time for. The iOS version will support physical controllers and will run at 120 frames per second on any iPhone 13 Pro and above devices. Action games like this are one of my favorite genres, and the combat here in particular looks exquisite, so if you feel the same as I do then you can pre-order The Legend of Tianding on the iOS App Store right now for $6.99 and its listed expected release date is March 2nd.