‘Awaken Legends: Idle RPG’ Beginner’s Guide — Getting Started with Webzen’s New Title

Awaken Legends: Idle RPG, Webzen’s new idle game on iOS and Android, is now on soft launch in Canada and the Philippines. Players can expect to embark on an exciting fantasy adventure across Westland with over 50 heroes they can summon and add to their roster – and for those of you who are just starting out, here’s everything you need to know to get your feet wet.

Getting a hang of the Battle menu

After clearing the tutorial for Awaken Legends, you can tap on the Battle tab to get to the main gameplay of the title. Here, you can choose which characters you want to use in your team. Pay special attention to the easily missed layout icon on the bottom left portion of your screen – here, you can change the formation of your heroes to prioritize frontline defense or boost ranged spellcasters in case that suits your playstyle more.

You can also choose your lineup depending on the race of your heroes. Using characters with race synergies can yield team attribute bonuses such as increased HP, higher attack stats and more. Plus, you can check your combat power compared to your opponent’s – keep in mind that just because your foe has a higher combat power doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll wipe you out in a single blow. We’ve had plenty of instances where our combat power was significantly less than our enemies, but a well-positioned team with great synergy still managed to help us emerge victoriously.

Putting your skills to the test

Apart from the main Battle tab, you can also explore the Adventure tab for other game modes. The Chaotic Abyss, for example, challenges players to reach certain distances against other players on the server for special rewards. You can check your rankings to see how you’re faring against others.

In the Lost Mystic Realm, you can begin a roguelite adventure where you’ll encounter everything from regular mobs to curious shops. Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon random encounters that may ask you to make a choice, or a boss fight on the tenth floor of every zone. Defeating enemies grants you a random buff that will last for the rest of the run until the Lost Mystic Realm event resets after two days.

Keeping your Council organized

If you need to take a quick break from all the battling, you can spend some time in the Council tab managing your resources. You can request aid or fulfill other people’s requests in the Town Hall for special items and materials. These requests can be crafted in the Alchemy Atelier and in the Magic Factory, but each item produced requires heroes who can expend energy to make them.

To make sure you always have enough energy, you can let your heroes rest in the Inn to replenish their energy. You can level up your Town Hall in order to boost your Inn’s restoration speed, as well as head on over to the Workshop to forge weapons.

Exploring the Royal City

In the Royal City tab, you can join a Guild and challenge the Boss there for special rewards. You’ll also find the Arena here for some PvP goodness, or the Spire of Glory where you can reap rewards based on your progression achievements against others in the server.

The Royal City is also where you’ll find the summons pool to build up your AFK squad. Of course, it’s inevitable to pull dupes when you’re summoning – thankfully, the Divine Revelation feature lets you use dupes to increase your hero’s grade or dismiss normal heroes for useful materials. After each summon, don’t forget to check the Westland Annals in the Altar to claim Gems with each new pull.

Of course, to help new players fast-track their adventure, the game also has plenty of beginner bonuses and login events that you can fully take advantage of in the Quest tab and in the Events button on the Main Story tab. Don’t forget to claim these whenever you can – you might even score elite hero Evelynn Trafalgar simply by clearing tasks every day!

To stay up to date with all of the latest Awaken Legends developments then be sure to check out the game’s official website and Facebook channel.


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