‘Football Manager 2023’ Touch for Apple Arcade and ‘Football Manager 2023’ Mobile Are Out Now

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Following the announcements of not just Football Manager 2023 Touch but also Mobile, Sega has released Football Manager 2023 Mobile for iOS and Android today as a paid game with in app purchases. If you have Apple Arcade, Football Manager 2023 Touch () is back on Apple platforms. Beginning today, you can play Football Manager 2023 Touch on iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Last year, Football Manager 2022 Mobile was the only version of the game available on iOS and Android with Touch skipping mobile. Football Manager 2023 itself is releasing on PC, Xbox platforms, and eventually on PlayStation 5. The PS5 version was recently delayed. Check out our forum thread for Football Manager 2023 Touch on Apple Arcade here.

With today’s launch, the websites for each version now detail the differences. Check out the website for Football Manager 2023 Touch on Apple Arcade here and the mobile version feature site here. This release brings the 3D Match Engine to iPhone for the first time. Grab it on Apple Arcade here. If you don’t have Apple Arcade or want the mobile version of the game, grab Football Manager 2023 Mobile here on Google Play for Android and here on the App Store for iOS for $9.99. Did you end up playing Football Manager 2022 on any platform yet and what do you think of Football Manager 2023 Touch coming to Apple Arcade at launch?

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