‘Call of Duty Mobile’ Season 9 — Zombies Are Back Launching Next Week

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Call of Duty Mobile has been a huge success since launching a bit over three years ago, but older-school mobile gamers probably remember the sensation that was the Call of Duty Zombies games that were popular on mobile more than a decade ago. Call of Duty: World at War Zombies launched WAY back in 2009 and was basically a standalone version of the Zombies co-op survival mode from the console and PC World at War games, but built for mobile touchscreen play, including online multiplayer. In 2011 Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies released and, similar to the first, was a standalone version of the Zombies mode from the Black Ops console and PC games.

Despite their popularity, both Call of Duty Zombies mobile games eventually became broken and outdated on newer versions of iOS and both are now just dust in the wind. But the memories live on and, occasionally, the Zombies survival mode lives on in Call of Duty Mobile. The popular mode has made several re-appearances over the years and that’s the case once again with the arrival of Season 9 which is appropriately titled Zombies Are Back. Here’s the official trailer.

Zombies will be featured in two different modes in Season 9. First is Zombies Classic, which as you might imagine is a pretty straightforward take on the round-based Zombies survival mode we all know and love. It’ll take place on the Shi No Numa map, aka the Swamp of Death, which has been featured in several Call of Duty games over the years including the World at War Zombies game on mobile. The second mode is called Super Attack of the Undead and here you’ll deploy as a full group of survivors before one member of your squad is randomly chosen to join the undead at the beginning of the match. From there it’s a battle of the infected versus the survivors until just one is left standing, with all players earning new capabilities as the match progresses.

Obviously being a whole new season there’s tons more besides the return of Zombies in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, including the new map Haunted Hacienda, Krig 6 Assault Rifle, the remote-detonated C4, the Haunted Voyage themed event, and much more. For the full breakdown head over to the news post on the Call of Duty blog and look for Season 9 — Zombies Are Back to kick off one week from today on October 12th at 5pm PT.

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