Emotional Management Game ‘Spiritfarer’ From Thunder Lotus Is Out Now on Mobile Through Netflix

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Netflix’s newest mobile game is out now in the form of the award winning Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus. Spiritfarer is a game everyone I know adores for its emotional story and management gameplay. It also excels with gorgeous visuals where you play as a ferrymaster building a boat to explore and caring for spirits. Netflix has been getting a lot of big name games to its mobile gaming initiative, but Spiritfarer is definitely one of the highlights when it comes to ports of existing games. This is being handled by Playdigious as well going by the App Store description, and is another big get for Playdigious. Watch the Spiritfarer Netflix gameplay trailer below:

If you’d like to play Spiritfarer on mobile, you can grab it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here as long as you have a valid Netflix subscription. Spiritfarer is also available on PC and consoles for $29.99. Spiritfarer is the kind of game I would’ve expected on Apple Arcade before, so it is great to see here. I know some would’ve preferred having it standalone, but that is an option on PC and console right now. On mobile, you can play it through Netflix for now. Spiritfarer was announced alongside Kentucky Route Zero that I’m very excited to revisit on mobile. Have you played Spiritfarer before?

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