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‘Sleepin’ Guy’ aka ‘Suicide Guy’ Sequel ‘Sleepin’ Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply’ Releasing on Mobile this Week

In January of last year developer Chubby Pixel brought their first-person puzzle adventure Sleepin’ Guy ($3.99) to mobile. You may have heard of this game on other platforms under its original name of Suicide Guy, and well, seeing as how the game itself doesn’t directly deal with suicide or depression it seemed like a pretty unfortunate and unnecessary title. It actually takes place inside the dreams of the main protagonist, a guy known simply as The Guy, as he works his way through all sorts of fantastical situations. Being that Apple can be a bit more conservative with things that could be seen as controversial, and that the original name doesn’t really have anything to do with the game itself, it wasn’t surprising to see it released as Sleepin’ Guy on iOS. In fact its sequel addressed this a bit with its subtitle, as it’s officially called Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply and that sequel is the focus of today’s news as it too will be coming to mobile this week. Here’s the trailer from the Nintendo Switch version of Sleepin’ Deeply.

Unsurprisingly, the game on iOS will be titled Sleepin’ Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply and will offer “3 to 4 hours of pure gameplay set inside the Guy’s subconscious" and “A whole new story with an unexpected plot twist." You’ll work through a whole new set of physics-based levels set inside of the surreal dreams of the Guy’s subconscious, where you’ll be able to pickup and throw items, trigger mechanisms, and even… burp… in order to solve puzzles. There will also be vehicles to drive and new collectible items to find. No pricing was announced but the original Sleepin’ Guy was released as a premium game for $3.99, so I’d expect about the same when Sleepin’ Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply releases on iOS and Android later this week on August 24th.