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FMV Game ‘Mia and the Dragon Princess’ Announced for iOS, Android, Consoles and PC From Wales Interactive

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Wales Interactive, Good Gate Media, and Dead Pixel Productions just announced a new FMV action adventure game in the form of Mia and the Dragon Princess for iOS, Android, consoles, and PC platforms. Mia and the Dragon Princess follows the murder mystery FMV game Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? (Free) from Wales Interactive for the same platforms. for consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. Mia and the Dragon Princess features action designed by fight coordinator Marcus Shakesheff (Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy), fight stunts from Taekwondo instructor Aaron Gassor, real time attribute tracking based on your choices, and more.

Mia and the Dragon Princess

In this adventure, you will guide Mia and decide her fate alongside everyone around her. It has 10 different endings and co-stars Chinese Kickboxing Black Belt Dita Tantang. Check out a screenshot from Mia and the Dragon Princess above. If you’d like to try Wales Interactive’s prior release, get it here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. Until the Mia and the Dragon Princess release date, you can wishlist it on Steam here. Wales Interactive also teases more interactive FMV game announcements coming soon. Will you be trying it out and did you enjoy the recent Wales Interactive FMV releases?

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