‘Apex Legends Mobile’ Season 2 Begins Today With New Legend Rhapsody, Kings Canyon Map, and More

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EA and Respawn’s Apex Legends Mobile (Free) begins Season 2: Distortion today with a new mobile-first Legend, a fan favorite map hitting mobile, a new battle pass, and more. Rhapsody, the mobile-first Legend, has a robot helper named Rowdy and brings music and rhythm themed abilities to the game. Today’s new season for Apex Legends Mobile also sees the Kings Canyon map hit mobile and a new ranked season. The Hack game mode and Gun Game mode also arrive with Season 2: Distortion. The maps added are Pythas Block 0, a mobile-first deathmatch map, and Kings Canyon. Watch the Rhapsody gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Mobile below:

The Town Takeover Encore Galore, Rhapsody Live, and Conquerer of Kings in-game events are also live. This is the first major update for the game since launch, and it also has UI improvements. Check out the full patch notes here. If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for android here. Check out the official Apex Legends Mobile website here for more information. Have you tried any of the betas or the soft launch for Apex Legends Mobile or did you jump in with the full release back in May?

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