‘Thumper’ Major Practice Mode Update Out Now for iOS and Apple Arcade Versions

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The brilliant rhythm violence game Thumper ($4.99) hit iOS in the form of the Pocket Edition a while ago, and it has since even come to Apple Arcade as a plus release. Both Thumper and Thumper: Pocket Edition+ () are at content parity, and they received a huge surprise update today alongside one rolling out for the Steam version of the game. The update 1.26 brings in an all-new practice mode, better checkpoint restarting, various fixes, interface tweaks, and proper button icon support for DualSense controllers on iOS and Apple Arcade. If you’ve not played Thumper, check out the trailer below:

As of this writing, the update is yet to roll out on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but it is out on iOS, Apple Arcade, and Steam. I’ve not seen it hit Android yet, but I assume it will be out on Android and other consoles soon. If you haven’t played Thumper yet, now is a great time to buy it with this update, and you can also check out our original forum thread and the Apple Arcade forum thread for more discussion. Check the game out on Apple Arcade here, Steam here, and the App Store for iOS here for the standalone premium release. Have you played it on any platform yet?

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