Visually Stunning Puzzler ‘Please Fix The Road’ Hits PC this Week, and a Mobile Port is Being Considered

This Friday the puzzler Please Fix The Road from Ariel Jurkowski will be launching on Steam, GOG, and You might be thinking: “None of those are mobile platforms, you dolt! Why are you telling me this?" Well, setting aside the fact that we do cover Steam Deck here from time to time, and you’ll very likely be able to play the PC version there if you wish, I do have a mobile-relevant reason to be talking about Please Fix The Road. First though, what the heck is this game? Well, think of something like Pipe Mania where you have a grid and you need to place tiles in their proper positions in order to create a continuous, connected path for ooze to flow. It’s very similar to that, except with roads instead of pipes, and a bunch of other cool mechanics thrown in, and the coup de grâce which is probably the most jaw-dropping animation I’ve seen since maybe Cards May Fall. Seriously, just check out the most recent trailer for Please Fix The Road and try not to be impressed.

Interestingly, Please Fix The Road began life as a Flash game way back in 2014, and you can actually see the trailer of that version here. While still quite fetching and well-animated, it’s obvious that the past 8 years have been dedicated to just polishing the whole concept to a ridiculous sheen. And this experience coming to mobile is a very real possibility. On the game’s Steam page, Jurkowski addresses a question someone asks about the game coming to consoles or mobile, and it pretty much boils down to: If the PC version does well, console is next. If console does well, iOS and Android are next. Which means this all depends on the game’s overall success, and if you want to see that mobile version materialize one day you should wishlist the Steam version, or the GOG version, or the Itch version, and buy that sucker when it launches this Friday. I know I will be, and should any further news come about a mobile port in the future we’ll be sure to let you know.