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‘Marvel Snap’ Is a New Card Battler From Ben Brode’s Second Dinner Coming to Mobile and PC

If you played Hearthstone, you likely know who Ben Brode is. Back when I used to play it regularly, I enjoyed his presentation and insight into Hearthstone quite a bit. The Hearthstone team from back in the day also included Yong Woo who left Blizzard back in 2018. When we learned that Ben Brode’s Second Dinner was working on a Marvel mobile game, I was cautiously optimistic. There are tons of Marvel games on all platforms, but few manage to be truly great for me. The PS4 and PS5 Spider-Man games are definitely fantastic, but I was still curious to see what we’d see from Second Dinner. The studio just announced the card battler Marvel Snap for mobile and PC platforms with a gameplay demo featuring Ben Brode. Before getting into the gameplay, watch the announcement showcase for Marvel Snap below:

Marvel Snap is a free-to-play card game from Nuverse and Second Dinner that aims to be fast-paced and it includes more than 150 Marvel characters. The Snap part of the name is for raising the stakes and double down on your opponent or bluff your way to a larger victory. It also features three different parts of a board with unique modifiers making each game feel different while forcing you to adapt on the fly. The games are meant to be short and Ben Brode has a gameplay walkthrough video showcasing the Snap mechanic and how the different card locations on the board change the flow. Watch the gameplay showcase for Marvel Snap below:

Marvel Snap is in development for mobile and PC with an aim to release later this year. You can currently register interest in the closed beta for Android here. Marvel Snap sign-ups are now live with it being open to Canada, United States, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. Progress during this test will not be deleted. If you’ve been selected, you will get an email. Considering the team working on Marvel Snap, I’m very excited to check it out when it arrives later this year. Barring the game looking snappy (no pun intended) with its animations and art, it is great to see Ben’s enthusiasm back on video. What do you think of Marvel Snap so far and will you be signing up for the closed beta?