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‘Kingdom Eighties’ is a Totally Tubular Spin on the Fantastic ‘Kingdom’ Roguelike Survival Game Series

If there’s one set of games I never imagined myself enjoying as much as I do, it would be the Kingdom series from Raw Fury. Originally a popular Flash game released in 2013, the original Kingdom was fleshed out and released as Kingdom: New Lands in 2015, and that version made its way to mobile in the spring of 2017 where it felt right at home on the touchscreen. A sequel, Kingdom: Two Crowns, arrived in late 2018 but it wasn’t until April of 2020 that it made its way to mobile devices. It brought tons of new content and features, including an incredible cooperative mode, and has received even more new stuff post-release. In fact it was just updated a few days ago with new difficulty options and last fall it received the huge Norse Lands paid DLC. Yes, the Kingdom series is plugging along just fine, but now it’s about to go in a direction I don’t think anybody saw it going: Back in time to the 1980s. Kingdom Eighties is, more or less, a Kingdom game with all the trappings of America’s favorite decade. Neon, synth, BMX bikes… it’s all here. Check out this teaser.

For a series that has always taken place in a mostly fantasy and/or medieval style universe, Kingdom Eighties feels like a pretty extreme departure, but somehow it totally works? I’m a child of the ’80s so I’ve always been fond to its whole aesthetic, but I also admit that the whole ’80s throwback thing has been driven into the ground in recent years. Thanks a lot, Stranger Things. That said, I’m still totally digging how Kingdom Eighties is looking and I’m interested to see how the change in aesthetic might affect the gameplay itself. While no official platforms have been announced, Raw Fury says that Kingdom Eighties will be " released on the coolest platforms later this year" and seeing as how the previous Kingdom games made their way to mobile my fingers are crossed that it’s in the cards this time around too, even if it likely is much later than the release on other platforms. In the meantime you can Wishlist Kingdom Eighties on Steam and look for more info leading up to its launch later this year.