New Content Coming to Charming Interactive Narrative Game ‘Behind the Frame’ on June 2nd

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In August of last year Silver Lining Studio, in collaboration with publishers Akupara Interactive and Akatsuki Taiwan, released their Studio Ghibli-inspired interactive story Behind the Frame on mobile and PC. The extremely sweet story centered around a woman and her curiosity about her gruff and mysterious neighbor, something she explores in the midst of being a budding artist. The game tells much of its story by way of interactive paintings and art-related puzzles, as well as gorgeous animated cutscenes, and at times things take a surreal turn letting you know that there’s more going on here than just what you can see on the surface. It’s not an incredibly lengthy game, but it’s one that has really stuck with me since playing it last year, and we chose Behind the Frame as our Game of the Week when it released. Others seem to really enjoy it too, as evidenced by this new accolades trailer.

You’ll notice towards the end of the trailer that you see a familiar character open up a window and peer out, followed by the tease of new content coming to the game. That new content promises that you’ll “See the painter’s story through the eyes of another" and, if you played the game originally, you’ll know what that means. We’re basically getting the other side of the coin here and I’m really excited for it. Behind the Frame is also coming to two additional platforms, the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The Switch makes total sense with its touchscreen, like mobile devices, being perfect for the interactive puzzles in the game. But the PlayStation 4? How’s that work? Well apparently players will be able to use the touch pad on the DualShock controller for that, which sounds pretty cool. Look for those additional platform launches, as well as the new story content on PC and mobile, on June 2nd.

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