Top-Down Looter Shooter ‘Relic Hunters: Rebels’ Joins the Growing Library of Mobile Games for Netflix Subscribers

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The Netflix library of mobile games continues to grow as today developer Rogue Snail has released Relic Hunters: Rebels, seemingly a new version of their previously released (and quite well-received) PC and Nintendo Switch game Rebel Hunters Zero: Remix. It’s more or less a top-down looter shooter RPG with multiple playable characters and tons of options for crafting and upgrading a huge arsenal of weaponry. As with all the games on Netflix’s still fairly new mobile game library, you’ll need to be a current Netflix subscriber in order to play, but other than that there are no ads or IAP in these games at all. Check out the trailer for Relic Hunters: Rebels.

The previously mentioned Relic Hunters Zero: Remix on Switch is currently on sale for 40% off, and the PC version is actually free to play on Steam if you want to check that out. I haven’t been able to compare and contrast to see what the major differences between those versions and Rebels might be, if there even are any. Also it’s worth mentioning that Relic Hunters Legend, which was successfully Kickstarted back in 2017, is still in the works too. Lots going on in the world of Relic Hunters. For us mobile folk Relic Hunters: Rebels looks like quite the treat for Netflix subscribers, and you can read what other players have to say about it by dropping by the discussion thread in our forums.

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