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‘Front Mission: Borderscape’ Is a New Entry in Square Enix’s ‘Front Mission’ Series Set in the Year 2089, Pre-Registrations Now Live for Mobile

Today, Square Enix announced a new Front Mission game in the form of Front Mission: Borderscape. Front Mission: Borderscape will be released (via Gematsu) for iOS, Android, and seemingly PC. In recent months, Square Enix has a remake Front Mission already confirmed for Nintendo Switch, and this is the first we’ve heard of the franchise in a while. The series is mostly known for its tactical RPG entries, but it has seen spin-offs in other genres. Front Mission: Borderscape is being developed by Black Jack Studio and Square Enix. Watch the announcement trailer below:

Barring the fact that it is coming to iOS and Android, there isn’t much known about Front Mission: Borderscape. The teaser trailer and official website have some interesting music and visuals, but we don’t know the mobile game’s genre yet. It is set in the year 2089 and is a new story in the Front Mission series. Pre-registration is currently live on the official website. Check out the game’s official Twitter and Facebook pages for more news around the upcoming game. The trailer description mentions it is coming to multiple platforms including mobile and PC, but we don’t know which ones are being considered yet since the website has no mention of additional platforms. What do you think of the trailer and have you enjoyed playing games in the series over the years or will this be your first taste of Front Mission alongside the upcoming Nintendo Switch remakes?

Update: Added new trailer and information about PC version.