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‘It’s Still a Space Thing’ is an Action Platformer Sequel to ‘It’s a Space Thing’ from Brad Erkkila, Coming to Mobile Soon

Our old pal Brad Erkkila, creator of many fine solo projects like FlipChamps and Castle Pals, as well as frequent collaborator on games like Golf Zero and Rowdy Wrestling, is coming in hot with another new mobile game. This time it’s a follow-up to the 2016 release It’s a Space Thing, which was an arcade shooter where your goal was to blast your opponent who ran around on the ceiling opposite from you. Think of it kind of like Pong meets Space Invaders. In the game you and your opponent had blasters with limited firing capacity and a cool-down period, as well as the ability to place up to 3 shield-like platforms to temporarily protect yourself from your opponent’s blasts. Well this new game is called It’s Still a Space Thing, and it takes those core combat mechanics from the previous game but uses them in what appears to be a full-blown traditional action platformer. Check out this trailer.

As you can see, rather than being on a single screen that wraps around and shooting vertically at an opponent on the ceiling, It’s Still a Space Thing takes the action to the horizontal orientation and gives you entire levels to traverse with your newfound jumping ability. And jetpacking and I’m pretty sure I spotted some submarining too. Crucially though, you still have your limited ammunition and the ability to toss down some barricades to help shield you from harm. I’m psyched to see these mechanics at play in a more traditional action platformer. No word yet on when It’s Still a Space Thing will be releasing other than “soon" so we’ll just have to keep an eye out for more news and enjoy watching this awesome trailer over and over in the meantime.