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Narrative-Driven Rhythm Game ‘A Musical Story’ Launching on All Platforms Including Mobile Next Month

In March of last year a trailer for an upcoming game really captured my attention with its incredibly cool art style and premise. That game was A Musical Story from developer Glee-Cheese Studio and publisher Digerati. It’s a rhythm game, but unlike most other rhythm games, this one is heavily story-driven. You play as a member of a band who wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of how he got there or who he even is. Trapped inside his own thoughts music starts to play and suddenly he recognizes that it’s the music from his own band. Slowly, by performing songs throughout the game, you’ll unlock new memories and piece together what happened. You can see how a lot of this plays out, as well as that cool art style I was talking about, in this brand new trailer.

As you can see A Musical Story is coming to basically every platform under the sun, with a slightly staggered release date between them. For our purposes, we mostly only care about the iOS and Android launch which is slated for March 4th, and the Nintendo Switch launch which is just a day earlier on March 3rd. Of course, if you’re a PC person you can Wishlist the game on Steam and there’s a Windows demo for you there too if you want to get a taste right this minute. It’ll also be coming to Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation so like I said pretty much every platform under the sun. A Musical Story is one of those games I just have a good feeling about in my gut, so I’m very excited to finally get my hands on the mobile version when it launches next month.