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‘Bulbs 2.0’ is a New Color-Based Logic Puzzler that’s Heading to iOS and Android Next Week

Following well-received mobile releases like Tangram Collection and Welcome to My Cave, Error300 Games have announced a new game for mobile called Bulbs 2.0. It’s an interesting take on the “Lights Out" style of game, where you’re trying to get every square on a gridded game board to be the same color, but touching any square will also change any adjacent squares it’s touching. However, in Bulbs 2.0 they throw basic color blending in the mix. So for instance, triggering a red bulb on the board will also add red to all surrounding squares. For example, if one of the surrounding squares is blue, that will turn it purple. The opposite is also true, a purple square can be turned back into a blue square once it’s triggered by the red. Combining two colors that don’t blend into either primary or secondary colors, such as blue and orange, will result in a white square. The goal for each puzzle is to turn every square white taking the color-combining rules into account.

Got all that? It actually sounds a lot more complicated putting it into words, but Bulbs 2.0 actually seems like a very easy concept to grasp in the above trailer. Does that mean it’s going to be easy to beat? Heck no! I have enough trouble with the simple black or white Lights Out games; throwing color into the mix as well as limited moves per puzzle is sure to put my brain to the test. Bulbs 2.0 is launching on iOS and Android next week, on February 17th. It’ll be free initially and include 60 puzzles, with to additional 60-level packs available as IAP. That’s nearly 200 levels of color-based logic puzzling goodness, so be sure to give this one a look when it hits next Thursday.