‘My Hero Ultra Impact’ Is Available Now on iOS and Android, Servers Going Live Soon

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Last month, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that My Hero Ultra Impact (Free) based on My Hero Academia will be releasing outside Japan this year. Pre-orders and pre-registrations also went live alongside that announcement with no release date officially announced. The original Japanese version of My Hero Ultra Impact has been downloaded more than 3 million times before releasing in the West, and it can now be downloaded on iOS and Android outside Japan. Servers are set to go live beginning early tomorrow but you can download it now to be ready. My Hero Ultra Impact is a 3v3 battler and hero collecting game with a PvP arena, exclusive character illustrations, and more. As revealed last month, the English version will be up to date with content from the get go. Watch the My Hero Ultra Impact trailer below:

If you’d like to play My Hero Ultra Impact, you can download it on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is free to play with various in app purchases of Hero Gem Sets. Check out the official website here. Over the last few years, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released many games based on My Hero Academia across platforms. I’ve not really stuck with any of them barring My Hero One’s Justice 2 on Xbox (also available on PS4, Switch, and PC). Have you played any of the My Hero Academia games yet on any platforms and are you going to play My Hero Ultra Impact on iOS or Android tomorrow?


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