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Popular Android Hack ‘N Slash RPG ‘Almora Darkosen’ Coming to iOS Soon

It never ceases to amaze me seeing the types of games solo developers can create on a platform like mobile. Mobile app stores removed the barriers to entry of traditional game making and opened it up to literally anybody, meaning if you had an idea for a dream game you could actually make it happen with a little passion and skill. That’s the sort of thing that leads someone to work on a game for nearly a decade, as is the case with Almora Darkosen from Gear Studio aka solo developer Grzegorz Borkowski. That’s right, for almost 10 years now he’s been working away at his vision for the perfect loot-based hack ‘n slash RPG built for mobile, and launched it on Android during the summer of 2020 where it has gone on to receive more than 600,000 downloads. Now he is turning his attention to Apple’s users with an iOS version planned to launch in the next couple of months. First, take a gander at Almora Darkosen’s Android launch trailer to get an idea of what it’s all about.

With its top-down perspective there’s a very old-school feel to Almora Darkosen that I’m really digging, but visuals aside it is downright shocking just how deep a game this appears to be. A lengthy story-driven mainline quest as well as plenty of side quests to tackle; a whole mining and crafting system; a Diablo-style loot system with more than 1500 different items, armors, weapons, and tools across numerous rarity levels; a Mercenary system where you can hire a merc to fight by your side; and a lot more. Incredibly you’ll be able to play through all of Almora Darkosen totally for free if you’re OK with watching ads, and if you’re not then there’s a premium unlock IAP you can buy which will disable ads and add a few non-essential bonuses to sweeten the deal. You can chat up the developer and find some more details about Almora Darkosen in our forums, and look for the iOS version to launch sometime in the next couple of months.