‘FIFA Mobile’ Just Got a Massive Update for the New Season With Visual Improvements, In-Game Commentary Additions, and More

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FIFA Mobile (Free) from EA just got a massive update on iOS and Android bringing in the new season. The update began rolling out yesterday, and it brings improvements to visuals, 60fps support for newer devices, in-game commentary additions, new gameplay features, and more. The prior game will have some things carrying over with this update, but not everything will make it over. Account level, roster, coins, gems, skill boosts, fans, cups, VIP level, and more will reset while FIFA Points balance, logos, emotes, kits, username and ID, and more will not reset. It is worth noting that this update marks the end of Legacy mode. Watch the trailer for the new FIFA Mobile below:

Barring the visuals, commentary, performance, and gameplay changes and improvements, matchmaking has been improved as well with plans to bring more relevant live events to each region with servers based on your location now implemented in-game. The server list is here. You cannot play against players outside your region anymore. Leagues will also now be restricted to a single region. If you’re curious about what device you need to play at 60fps, read this. If you’ve not played FIFA Mobile yet, you can download it free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is going to be interesting to see what EA does for FIFA Mobile going forward and whether we eventually get proper crossover between the console and mobile versions. Have you been playing FIFA Mobile recently and what would you like to see it add this year?

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