‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.8 With the Spider-Man Collaboration, New Matchmaking, and More Releases This Week

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PUBG Mobile (Free) is starting off 2022 with a big collaboration. With Spider-Man: No Way Home screening in theaters worldwide, PUBG Mobile collaborates with the movie bringing Spider-Man to Erangel and Livik for a limited time. PUBG Mobile 1.8 will launch on January 14th worldwide but the collaboration begins later today on iOS and Android. The PUBG Mobile 1.8 download size is 1.73GB on iOS and 710MB on Android. The highlights are the new matchmaking system for ranked and unranked modes, new cycle season, new royale pass month, and UI improvements. If you missed the recent Arcane collaboration, read about it here. Watch the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update trailer below:

The Spider-Man themed game mode sees Spider-Man fight alongside you to defeat the boss and get advanced supplies that let you try out Spider-Man’s abilities. You can even find Spider Crates on Erangel to get Spider-Man items or basic supplies. This collaboration is on until February 14th from later today depending on your timezone. Royale Pass Month 7: Royale Guard will begin on January 18th and last until February 17th featuring the Desert Warrior Set and more. Full patch notes including all the returning modes being added in the update are here. Do you still play PUBG Mobile regularly and did you try out PUBG: New State yet on iOS and Android?


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