‘LEGO Brawls’ Opens “The Vault” Making All Previous Limited-Time Seasonal Events Available Once Again

LEGO Brawls was one of the launch titles alongside the debut of Apple Arcade way back in September of 2019, and more than two years later it is continuing to go strong with a constant stream of cool updates and events. In fact, LEGO Brawls has a penchant for holding time-limited special events that feature unique themes and plenty of unique items for your brawlers. That’s a great thing if you’re a daily LEGO Brawls player, but not so great if you are coming to the game late or aren’t able to partake in limited-time events while they’re going on. So today developer RED Games is cracking open The Vault for LEGO Brawls so that all players can freely play through any of the previous seasons or themes.

I have most definitely NOT been keeping tabs on the limited-time events in LEGO Brawls, so this should be a good opportunity for me to try and get all caught up on anything I’ve missed. If you haven’t tried out the game before it’s a frantic = multiplayer platforming game all about holding down territories while fending off an opposing team using a variety of cool power-ups and some good old-fashioned melee beat downs. It’s good fun! Of course, if you’re already an Apple Arcade subscriber there’s no reason not to give it a shot since all the games are available to you at the touch of a button. Sobe sure to check out all the previous seasonal content that’s just been freshly released from the LEGO Brawls Vault.