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‘Death Carnival’ is an Intense Top-Down Shooter Coming to All Major Platforms in 2022

It’s a story as old as time. A dystopian society with a bleak future and a borderline sociopathic population that is craving entertainment. What to do? Create over-the-top game shows where all the contestants are trying to kill each other, of course. Bloodsports are the future, and that’s the premise behind a an upcoming title from developer Furyion Games called Death Carnival. Yes that is the name of the game and also the name of the deadly game show in the game’s universe. It’s an extremely fast-paced top-down shooter with an emphasis on gravity-defying combat, so expect to leap and soar through the air frequently while engaging in gun battles. There’s also an emphasis on easy and accessible controls so you can focus on the action without being overwhelmed with complexity. Check out the trailer for Death Carnival.

The game will feature online multiplayer in the form of competitive PvP and PvE, but there will also be a full story-based campaign which you can run through solo or cooperatively with up to 4 players. There will be 10+ characters and classes to choose from, a Weapon Socket System that allows you to upgrade and customize your weapons using the loot that you earn, and “Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame replay." Death Carnival is also aiming to be on most major platforms, including PC, console, and mobile, with cross-play and cross-progression across all of them. You can sign up for future beta access on the official website, or join in on the official Discord server. Death Carnival should be arriving at some point in 2022.