‘Kero Blaster’ Is Coming to Android next Week Following Its iOS Release Back in 2014

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Daisuke Amaya’s beloved Kero Blaster ($5.99) originally released seven years ago on iOS and PC. It has since seen console releases, but there was no confirmed Android version over the years. Today, Playism and Studio Pixel announced that Kero Blaster is finally arriving on Android next week alongside both spinoffs. If you’ve not played Kero Blaster before, you play as the master of Custodial Sciences trying to clean up black creatures plaguing teleporters. Kero Blaster is known for great side-scrolling action. Read Shaun’s extensive review of the game. Alongside Kero Blaster, the two spinoffs/side-stories Pink Hour (Free) and Pink Heaven (Free) will also release on Android. Watch the Kero Blaster Android trailer below:

Kero Blaster will release on December 24th for Android. It will be priced at $5.99. You can pre-register for the Android release on Google Play right now here. Both Pink Hour and Pink Heaven will be released for free on the same day via Google Play. I’m glad to see another platform get Kero Blaster. The wait for an Android version has been long, but thankfully it comes to an end next week. Hopefully Playism brings it to Xbox next since that is the only major platform without it following this release. Have you played Kero Blaster before on iOS or any other platform?

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