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Quirky Puzzler ‘A Little to the Left’ Arrives on Mobile, Console, and PC in 2022

I have some pretty wacky OCD tendencies, but let me tell you my two year old son inherited them ten-fold. He is obsessed with garbage trucks and garbage cans, as I’m sure many toddlers are, but with his toy cans he has to have them arranged just so and in just the right spot, and any deviation from this can result in an epic toddler meltdown. All this is to say that: I get it, I like things arranged in an orderly fashion as well, and I think the upcoming puzzler A Little to the Left from developer Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode was made for people like me and my son. A Little to the Left is literally a game about sorting and arranging a variety of objects in a very pleasing fashion. Of course that in itself doesn’t sound all that exciting, so to spice things up you’ll also be dealing with a mischievous cat who is more than happy to mess up all of your tidy arrangements.

I cannot stress enough how much this game speaks to me. As you may be able to tell, A Little to the Left is inspired by real-life events. Max Inferno is actually Canadian super duo Annie Macmillan and Lukas Steinman who conceived of the idea for this game during the pandemic. Hey, we all found ways to pass the time being stuck in lockdown for so long, and in their case they found comfort in tidying things up around the house. Their cat, apparently, found comfort in ruining all of their tidying efforts. That’s cats for you. Anyway the game looks totally cute and clever, and also like the type of game that feels most well-suited for the touchscreen. The plan is to release A Little to the Left on PC and Nintendo Switch in August of next year but then bring it to mobile soon after, so keep this one on your radar and we’ll check back in with it again in 2022.