‘Lineage2M’ Intro Guide: All of the Basics You Need to Know to Get Started

When it comes to the MMORPG genre, there aren’t many titles as big as Lineage. Since its release back in 1998, the medieval fantasy RPG (developed by NCSOFT) has spawned one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, with millions of fans all around the world and record-breaking grossing numbers.

The latest addition to the legendary franchise, Lineage2M, is finally available to players in North America and Western Europe. The cross-platform MMORPG can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store for mobile devices, but it’s also available for PC through the use of PURPLE.

The game features many new, unique mechanics and systems that cannot be found in other games of the genre. So we’ve thought it’d be a good idea to put together a small guide in order to help players get familiar with all the new content Lineage2M has to offer. With that being said, let’s start off with some very basic information.

– Classes and Stat Management

There’s a total of 6 classes available to play in Lineage2M. Based on the weapon each character can use there are the following classes: Sword, Dual Blades, Dagger, Bow, Staff and Orb. Of course, every class has its very own characteristics and role in the game but, it also requires investment in different stats.

Melee classes (Sword, Dual Blades, Dagger) make use of ‘STR’ stat. Magic attack classes (Staff, Orb) require high ‘INT’. For Bow users, which is a ranged attack class, ‘DEX’ is very important. During the early stages of the game, make sure to improve these stats accordingly based on your character’s class, without neglecting ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Attack Damage’.

– Combat Settings

In the world of Lineage2M, you’ll find yourself constantly engaging in combat. Understanding how certain game functions work, will make your experience a lot easier and help you survive longer in the battlefield.


Scan function is the targeting system in Lineage2M. By using it, you can set designated targets for your character to attack. There are a couple of different ways you can use ‘Scan’. By pressing it once, your character will automatically target monsters or players sequentially. You can also hold the Scan button down and drag it to a desired location. That way, monsters or players in that location will be targeted. If you press the scan option button at the bottom of the target list (appears on the top right of the screen), you can set different targeting options.

#Quick Slot

Using Quick Slot can make your in-game life a lot easier, as this function allows your character to automatically cast skills that are off cool-down and also use items. All you have to do is just tap on Quick Slot and drag the skill or item of your choice on it. By dragging up, you can turn off the auto-enable setting.

#Weight Limit

Lineage2M has a ‘Weight Limit’ system in place. Every character has a weight gauge and based on its value, certain penalties will occur. If the gauge meter is over 50%, recovering HP and MP will no longer be possible. If that value is greater than 80%, then your character won’t be able to enter combat.

Therefore, it is very important to sell any excess loot or simply store items in your stash. You can also register items on Codex, in exchange for stat improvements.


Using a Soulshot item during combat against powerful enemies is essential, as this item can cause great amounts of damage to your target.

– Oracle Quest

If you want to level up fast, completing ‘Oracle Quest’ is essential. This quest, that can be done up to 10 times per day, and it will reset upon leveling up, will grant you large amounts of experience as well as various special items that you can use to improve your character. Players can receive this quest through Einhasad Statue in the village.

– Dungeon

Challenging Dungeons is another way of obtaining special items, as well as gaining a lot of experience. Every time you enter a dungeon, you spend some of your available ‘access time’. Once you exhaust this time, you cannot longer enter a dungeon until that timer is charged again. By using the ‘Bonus Time Stone’ item, you can instantly charge it back. It’s essential to complete as many dungeon runs as you can if you want to level up fast.

– Demonic Sword Zariche

Demonic Sword Zariche is an event that occurs randomly in the hunting zones from Aden. A system message will appear to inform the players about Zariche’s location once it spawns. By challenging this event and taking down enemies, players can acquire special rewards such as ‘Oracle Token’, ‘Zariche’s Fragment’ and ‘Shilen’s Mark’ among others.

– Special Launch Events

To celebrate the global launch of Lineage2M, various in-game events will be held. Players will be able to obtain special rewards by participating. By defeating Full Moon Wolf, you can acquire ‘Maximum Enchant Scroll Series (Event)’. Players who have reached level 40 and completed 3rd class transfer will receive ‘Life Stone (Event)’ and also ‘Unique Skillbook Selection Chest’. Of course, those are just some of the events that will take place. For more on the launch events and how to play, visit the official website. More rewards and special benefits awaits!


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