Relaxing Strategy Game ‘Wingspan’ from Monster Couch Is Out Now on Android Following Its Debut on iOS Recently

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Monster Couch’s Wingspan ($9.99) digital adaptation hit mobile through the iOS version back in July. If you’ve not played or heard of it, Wingspan (digital) is based on the original physical board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave. The digital version previously hit other platforms including Nintendo Switch and more recently iOS with support for 1 to 5 players. Read my review of the iOS release of Wingspan here. Following pre-registrations going live, Wingspan is out now on Google Play for Android as a premium release. The Android version includes cross platform play as well. Watch the Wingspan Android launch trailer below:

Your aim in Wingspan is to attract birds to your wildlife preserves. Wingspan includes 170 unique birds with their own abilities and powers and you need to make the most of this to earn as many points to win. Just like the iOS release, Wingspan is priced at $9.99 on Android. It is available for $19.99 on non mobile platforms. If you’re interested in checking out the Android release, you can buy it here on Google Play. If you’d like to play Wingspan on iOS or iPadOS, you can buy it on the App Store here. Head over to our forum thread for the game here. Check out the official website for the game here. Have you played Wingspan on any platform before?

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