‘Pikmin Bloom’ from Niantic and Nintendo Is Rolling Out Now in the USA on iOS and Android

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Following its official announcement yesterday, Pikmin Bloom (Free) has just gone live on the App Store in the USA with more regions being added over time. Pikmin Bloom from Nintendo and Niantic was originally announced as a Pikmin mobile game that would be the first in a series of apps developed together. Following the initial release in Australia and Singapore, Pikmin Bloom has now rolled out to the USA (after going live in Canada earlier today). Pikmin Bloom has you walking to grow more Pikmin as you walk more. You then collect flowers from your Pikmin’s heads and plant them to make flowers bloom. It also has a diary-like feature at the end of the day to see your step count and log your memories. Watch the Pikmin Bloom launch trailer below:

If you’d like to check it out, you can download Pikmin Bloom for free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here in the USA and Canada. It will go live in more regions over time. As revealed with the game announcement, Pikmin Bloom will have a monthly Community Day event as well and more details for the first one will be revealed soon on the official Pikmin Bloom Twitter and Instagram accounts. Pikmin Bloom is free to play with in app purchases including different sets of coins and storage. There is also a $1.99 starter box available. What do you think of Pikmin Bloom so far and are you going to play it at launch?

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