Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Australia, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico Beginning Later Today

With Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) having launched in many parts of the world, Microsoft brought the service to browsers including Safari on iOS and iPadOS recently. The company has been improving the service and its reach over the months with touch control support for many games, the addition of many big games to cloud streaming, and more following the rollout worldwide. Today at Microsoft’s Xbox TGS 2021 showcase, the company announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be coming to Mexico and Brazil beginning later today with Australia and Japan on October 1st. This is another big step towards covering more regions worldwide. Microsoft is yet to announce when Xbox Cloud Gaming will come to countries like India.

If you’ve not kept up with Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) and why it hadn’t launched on iOS alongside Android, Apple’s own restrictions and rules were the reason for the delay. Following a lot of delays and seemingly no hope for the service on iOS and iPadOS, Microsoft now lets anyone in a supported region with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription stream games through the dedicated website here. Check out the regional support for Xbox Cloud Streaming here. Xbox Cloud Streaming is now also powered by Xbox Series X level hardware ensuring much better technical performance. Have you been using the service recently and what do you think of the games available today?