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‘Bloodshore’ Is an FMV Adventure about a Televised Battle Royale Set for Release This November on iOS and More

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Hot on the heels of this week’s Wales Interactive game announcement in the form of I Saw Black Clouds (Free), the publisher has revealed Bloodshore. Bloodshore is an FMV adventure about a televised battle royale taking place featuring streamers, entertainers, death row inmates, and more. It includes eight hours of FMV footage which is the highest the publisher has produced for a single game. Bloodshore has you following washed up actor Nick who is competign for a life-changing cash prize on The Island. Each playthrough will change depending on your choices and relationships. Watch the trailer for Bloodshore below:

Bloodshore is set to release this November for iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. A price point has not been announced yet. It is possible Bloodshore on iOS will be free to start with a single in app purchase to unlock the full game or it could be a a paid game. We will likely learn this when Wales Interactive announces the Bloodshore release date. Until Bloodshore is out, you can check out Wales Interactive’s other games on iOS including the upcoming I Saw Black Clouds due on September 29th. What is your favourite FMV game from Wales Interactive and what do you think of Bloodshore so far?

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