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FMV Thriller ‘I Saw Black Clouds’ from Wales Interactive Releases on September 29th for iOS with Pre-Orders Now Live

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Wales Interactive has continuously brought quality FMV games to mobile, PC, and console platforms over the years. Later this month, the publisher’s FMV thriller I Saw Black Clouds (Free) is coming to iOS following its release on PC and console platforms earlier in the year. I Saw Black Clouds includes branching storylines and multiple moral choices to make along the way as you inch towards the conclusion. It features real-time relationship status and personality trait tracking that will change how things play out. I Saw Black Clouds sees Kristina returning to her hometown after a close friend passes away looking for the truth. Watch the trailer for it below:

Wales Interactive calls I Saw Black Clouds a 90 minute interactive thriller movie with two main narrative paths. If you’re a fan of FMV games and would like to check it out, Wales Interactive’s iOS release is free to start. It includes a single in app purchase priced at $5.99 to unlock the full story. If you’re interested in playing I Saw Black Clouds, you can pre-order it for free on the App Store for iOS here. as of now, an Android version has not been announced. I enjoy FMV games on iPad and will definitely sample this since I haven’t gotten it on Nintendo Switch yet. What is your favourite FMV game from Wales Interactive and will you be trying out I Saw Black Clouds?

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    After the unexpected death of a close friend, Kristina returns to her hometown looking for answers, only to unearth a st…
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