Epic vs Apple: The Judge Rules That App Store Developers Must Be Able to Link to Alternate Payment Methods

Last year, Epic Games updated Fortnite on iOS to sell in-game currency directly through Epic at a lower rate. This violated the App Store terms and Apple pulled Fortnite from the store. Since then, a massive Epic vs Apple battle has been going on. Today, the judge has issued a permanent injunction that requires Apple to let developers point customers to alternate payment methods outside Apple’s in app purchases. As our sister site MacRumors reports, Apple is likely to appeal this decision.

On all other counts, the Judge ruled in Apple’s favor. Full details on the injunction, anti-steering comments, and more are available on our sister site MacRumors here. This ruling comes soon after Epic announced that it wants to bring Fortnite back to the App Store in South Korea. This is going to change how many developers approach payments on the App Store and will make things clearer for users across popular subscription apps and games being able to link to alternate payment methods. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out for Google and how soon users see the results of this verdict in popular apps and games. What do you think of the ruling in the Epic vs Apple case?

[Source: MacRumors]