‘Hearthstone’ Mercenaries Mode Coming October 12th, Patch 21.2 Arriving Tomorrow with Battlegrounds Revamp and More

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Hearthstone (Free) patch 21.2 will begin rolling out later today or early tomorrow across all platforms with Hearthstone Mercenaries pre-purchase, the huge Battlegrounds revamp, and more. Hearthstone Mercenaries will be available with a few purchase options detailed here. This mode lets you collect Mercenaries and assemble parties to take on proceduarally generated bounties. It blends RPG and roguelike elements alongside Hearthstone characters. Barring Hearthstone Mercenaries, Duels get a big update as well. The Book of Mercenaries Tamsin begins on September 7th letting you unlock 1 Warlock Pack. Watch the Hearthstone Mercenaries mode trailer below:

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Revamp introduces the Avenge keyboard that has an effect after X friendly minions die. 37 minions will be replaced with new ones alongside 2 new heroes joining the mode. Battlegrounds also sees a damage cap of 15 until the first player dies, increased timers, and more. Ratings will be reset for this new season. Detailed patch notes and balance adjustments are here. Master Nguyen and Cariel Roame are the two new Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroesarriving on September 14th. Those with Hearthstone Battlegrounds perks will be able to play them early. It is going to be interesting to see how Hearthstone Mercenaries plays out and how Battlegrounds adapts this year follwoing this big revanp. Have you been playing Hearthstone recently and have you tried the Duels and recent Battlegrounds updates?

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