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Spiderweb Software’s ‘Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor’ in the Works, Coming to iPad and Possibly iPhone

Back in May of 2018 Spiderweb Software launched a crowdfunding campaign for a brand new game called Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror. That campaign was an overwhelming success, blowing past its initial $30,000 goal on the very first day before ending up just shy of $100,000 when all was said and done. To say that Spiderweb’s unique brand of RPGs have a passionate and supportive fan base would be a huge understatement.

Anyway, the campaign being so successful was actually a boon to iPhone gamers like us. You see, lots of Spiderweb’s games end up on the iPad at some point where their typically complex user interfaces have room to breathe on the larger iPad screens. Spiderweb had always wanted to support the iPhone too, but the work and resources required to rejigger everything for the much smaller iPhone screens has always been too much to justify.

In the case of Queen’s Wish, iPhone support was actually one of its stretch goals during the campaign, and with additional money already in hand thanks to the successful crowdfunding, Spiderweb did indeed release the game on both iPad and iPhone in December of 2019. Their FIRST EVER iPhone game! Now Spiderweb wants to revisit the world of Queen’s Wish with a brand new sequel titled Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor. You can see Mr. Spiderweb Software himself, Jeff Vogel, explain what they hope Queen’s Wish 2 will be all about in the following video.

You know, I’m not always the biggest fan of promoting crowdfunding campaigns, but I feel pretty good about it when it’s Spiderweb Software. They are like THE poster child for how crowdfunding games should work. They are always very realistic with their goals and timelines, they don’t ask for an exhorbinant amount of money, and they always deliver. It’s a company that’s been making games for more than a quarter of a century, so there’s zero chance they’re going to take your money and run or start up a project that they don’t have the experience to actually finish.

Also, the Kickstarter campaign has already met its initial goal of $40,000, so this game will get made whether anyone reading this now contributes to it or not. However, just like the original Queen’s Wish, there’s a stretch goal that includes iPhone support, and since it’s just at $60,000 I feel pretty confident it’ll make it there given Spiderweb’s last few Kickstarters. There’s also an Android stretch goal at $150k which, well, they’re probably not going to reach that one. Sorry Android people.

Once the campaign ends, the goal is to release Queen’s Wish 2 on desktop in June of next year. Sometime afterwards it should make its way to iPad and, hopefully, iPhone as well. We’re big fans of all things Spiderweb Software and are very much looking forward to Queen’s Wish 2 in 2022.