‘Landlord GO’ Lets Players Buy Limited Shares of Cities in its Latest Update to the Business Simulator

If you’ve ever felt the itch of investing in properties because you know you’ve got it in you to become the next big real estate tycoon, Landlord GO from Reality Games can fulfill all those so-called pipe dreams for you. In this AR real estate game, you can buy, sell, and trade real-world properties using actual live data pulled from IRL markets to build your empire.

To up the ante even further, Landlord GO’s latest feature now lets you buy limited shares of cities around the world. You can use this strategy to gain more value for your holdings, because who doesn’t want to charge their online friends some rent whenever they step into a bistro you own?

As you build your holdings’ value and manage your real estate, you can also engage in cutthroat bidding wars for the hottest locations across the globe, then brag about your portfolio of exclusive properties to your buddies. If you want to get in on the action too, you can download Landlord GO on the App Store and on Google Play, or check out the game’s official website. Be sure to follow its social media channels on Facebook and Discord to stay in the know.


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