‘My Time at Portia’ for iOS and Android Just Got Updated to Add a 60fps Gameplay Option and More

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The lovely My Time at Portia ($7.99) from Pathea Games hit iOS and Android thanks to Pixmain and it was a pretty great conversion. Read my review of it here. A big update has just gone live for My Time at Portia on both iOS and Android with a plethora of fixes for crashes and visual bugs. One little nugget in the middle of the update notes is an option for the frame rates 30fps and 60fps. In my review, I was disappointed at no 60fps option and it has arrived little over a week later. I tested out this 60fps option with the maximum graphics preset on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPad Pro (2020). The iPad Pro isn’t as smooth as both the phones as expected. If you’d like to play at a locked 60fps, consider checking out the three visual presets and see what works best for your device. A screenshot of the frame rate option in the in-game settings is below:

When it comes to the other fixes, there are a lot of crash fixes for things like entering the Commerce Guild on the weekend, specific language issues, visual effects for rain, difficulty adjustments for fishing, and more. I expected the first update to just address crashing so the frame rate option is a nice bonus. Hopefully we get proper controller support in the next major update. If you’ve not gotten My Time at Portia yet, it is definitely worth it at the low asking price on mobile compared to consoles where it runs worse. Check out My Time at Portia on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Head over to our forum thread here for more discussion. Have you played My Time at Portia on any platform yet or are you sticking to another life simulator?

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