The Big ‘Brawlhalla’ Battle Pass 4 – The Exalted Lion Update Is Now Live with New Skins, Sidekicks, Ghost in the Fortress Brawl of the Week, and More

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Ubisoft’s cross-platform arena fighter Brawlhalla (Free) is back with a huge update that just went live in the form of the Battle Pass Season 4 update. Brawlhalla Season 4 – The Exalted Lion brings in a new battle pass, skins, sidekicks, avatars, and a lot more. This update arrives soon after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joined Brawlhalla. Read about that here. Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4 introduces the Octavius Mordex Progression Skin, Soulbound Diana Epic Skin, FAll of the Lions Progression Podium, and the Ghosts in the Fortress Brawl of the Week. Watch the Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4 trailer below:

Ubisoft is currently working to get servers back online following this major update. The full Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4 patch notes are here. This update also brings in year six of the Brawlhalla esports Summer Championship where players who watch it can earn more rewards. If you’ve not played Brawlhalla yet, you can get it free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Have you been playing Brawlhalla on mobile or console regularly?

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