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‘Twins’ is a Unique Puzzler Where You Control Two Worlds at the Same Time and it’s Looking for Beta Testers

Around this time back in 2017 indie developer Kishor Berde released a clever puzzle game called Twins: Brotherhood, which essentially had you controlling to tiny cubes simultaneously as you navigated them around their own respective light and dark worlds each filled with a host of unique and dangerous challenges. We thought it looked really cool back then. Now the developer is taking a similar idea and expanding on it in a number of ways for a new upcoming game simply called Twins. The art is hand-drawn this time around and there seems to be more emphasis on story, but the overall concept is quite similar: Control two characters at the same time through light and dark versions of the world. Here’s a very nice trailer for Twins showing a bit of what you can expect.

You know, who among us hasn’t been enjoying the delicious fruit that magically appears in the grass out of nowhere when all of a sudden your buddy is whisked off into an alternate evil dimension because they happened to stand on a special plot of land during an eclipse. I mean if I had a nickel for every time THAT’S happened. There’s definitely a dark and kind of beautiful vibe to Twins that I’m really digging, and while no release date beyond a vague 2021 has been announced, it does appear that Berde is looking for some beta testers at the moment. You can find links for signing up for that over on his website or in the thread in our forums, and I’m really looking forward to checking out Twins whenever it does end up releasing.