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Roguelike ‘Wizard of Legend’ from Humble Games Is Coming to Mobile

Humble Games just announced a mobile port of the indie roguelike Wizard of Legend. Wizard of Legend developed by Contingent99 debuted on PC and consoles back in 2018. It has you playing as a wizard trying to complete a 10 floor dungeon with fluid combat and great animation. Check out our feature on the Nintendo Switch version here. The mobile port of Wizard of Legend is being developed by XD Inc who will publish it in China while Humble Games will handle publishing outside China. The mobile version will have LAN multiplayer to play together, a new UI, controls for touchscreens, and more. Hopefully this mobile port arrives with the features players expect like cloud save support, controller support, and more. Watch the debut trailer for Wizard of Legend on mobile below:

Back when Humble Bundle started publishing games, I enjoyed the Humble published Aegis Defenders a lot but never got around to playing much of Wizard of Legend. I’m definitely going to check out the mobile port. Hopefully online multiplayer can be considered in the future if it is feasible as well. As of now, Wizard of Legend is in development for mobile. A price point or release window hasn’t been announced yet. Check out Wizard of Legend on Steam here and Nintendo Switch here. Have you played Wizard of Legend before or will you be checking out the mobile version in the future?